State of Mind

Even though I'm a computer science geek, I love to write. If I could figure out a way to make money at writing, that's what I'd prefer to do. But, like my mother says, "Don't quit your day job" when I mention writing for a living. She should know: she's an author of children's books.

More, or less, depending on how I feel, will be added to this section. This is sort of like a blog but more correctly it should be called a ramble. That's what I intend to do here, when the muse poke me hard enough, to write a rambling discourse on whatever strikes me as interesting or bizarre or amazing or awesome at that moment in time.

For now: enough!

I still follow the football team from where I went to high school, as well as a couple of others schools that I'm interested in. This MaxPreps widget is updated each week to show each school's schedule and record.