Stories and Poems

This is, for me, the primary reason for my website. It's a place where I can post my stories and poems. This is an index page: it lists my stories, each with a link clicking on which will take you to another page on this site or to another site where the story is hosted. If you want to go off on your own and find my stories, feel free to do so. A highlighted story name is a link to a story hosted here on my site; CW is a link to a story hosted on Codey's World; AH is a link to a story hosted on The Authors Haunt; and GA is a link to a story hosted on Gay Authors.

Stories Links
A Christmas Story CW GA
Childhood Memories      
Christmas Break CW   GA
Dark Chocolate CW    
Escaping Katrina      
Family Matters CW    
Li'l Ben      
Sort of a Goat Story      
The Tale of Snow White CW   GA
Flash Fiction Links
An Amazing Deed      
Batting Practice      
I'm a Big Girl Now      
Josh, Can We Talk?      
My First Car      
What'd I Do Now?      
Poems Links
A Poison Fog CW    
Being Strong      
How Do I Say Goodbye?      
Doug I Love You      
Rosemary Remembrance